Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild

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Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

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Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot Machine

Animal themed slots have long been among the most popular games in the casino industry, whether they be about wild beasts or our favorite household pets. There’s something about the familiarity of animals that transcends age, language, or nationality, making them a common denominator that can bring a lot of different kinds of players to the same table.

One of the latest machines that uses this sort of theme is Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild. Created by NetEnt and launched in early 2020, this is a game that uses the always exciting “all ways” format of play in order to provide the maximum amount of action on every spin. With free spins, expanding symbols, and surprise bonuses, this is a game that offers up extensive replay value and the chance to win some fantastic prizes each time you play.

Many Paths Through the Jungle

Jungle Spirit is a five-reel machine that uses the common 5×3 layout. There is no reason to worry about paylines, as the 243 ways system is utilized, meaning that any left-to-right combination of identical symbols will pay out in a win. Players must match three in a row of the same icon in order to score a prize; the longer the lines they make, the bigger the associated payouts.

Paras online-kasino 2020:

    Paras kasino pelaajien arvostelujen mukaan!


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In this game, the smallest wins come from one of the most common sets of symbols in the slots world: the poker ranks that range from tens through aces. For bigger wins, however, you’ll need to get into the more thematic symbols: the animals themselves. Throughout the reels, you’ll see snakes, alligators, bears, elephants, and tigers, all of which earn larger prizes. There are no real “high value” icons in this machine; instead, players can earn large wins when they manage to score big combinations over dozens or even hundreds of lines at the same time.

Butterflies Offer an Instant Boost

One thing you might be surprised to hear about this machine is that there are no wild symbols, meaning you’ll need pure combinations in order to score prizes. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some icons on the reels that come with special characteristics. In particular, you’ll want to watch out for the butterflies that can sit in the corner of particular symbols. If such marked positions are part of a winning combination, they can extend to fill an entire reel, multiplying the number of wins by at least a factor of three, and potentially triggering truly massive combinations of prize-winning lines.

Related to that gameplay feature is the Butterfly Boost. At any time, this special perk can be randomly activated in order to make anywhere between one and three symbols on the reels expand into full reel-covering expanded versions of themselves. This only happens with the higher-paying animal symbols, and it also will only occur when this expansion will guarantee a win, making it a particularly valuable surprise.

Become King of the Jungle

Finally, you’ll want to take the time to watch out for the flower symbols that will occasionally appear on the reels. Hit three or more, and you’ll instantly earn yourself a trip into the free spins feature; hit four or more, and you’ll win a bonus instant prize along with entry into that special round.

When this occurs, you’ll be given the option of playing one of five bonus games, each of which is attached to one of the five animals that appear in the game. The idea here is that the animal you choose will be the key one that appears during your bonus plays. Picking a more valuable animal will result in fewer spins being rewarded, but will make the potentially winning much higher. Essentially, you have to choose if you would like a lot of low volatility spins, or a few high volatility plays instead. The options along with the number of free games you get are as follows:

  • Tiger: 4 Spins
  • Elephant: 8 Spins
  • Bear: 12 Spins
  • Alligator: 16 Spins
  • Snake: 20 Spins

Once you’ve entered the feature, you’ll be granted another treat: all of your free plays will take place on expanded reels that feature four positions each. This 5×4 layout mean that there will now be 1024 ways to win, increasing the potential paylines by more than four times what you’ll see during standard gameplay. This greatly increases your chances of winning on each bet, and makes the maximum payouts much larger, making play during the bonus round particularly lucrative.

Unleash the Animal Within

When it comes down to it, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild doesn’t have many features you won’t have seen before if you’re a slots veteran. Having the ability to get into a free spin round is almost a must on any modern five-reel machine, and the 243 ways system is something that many developers have now explored multiple times, so most players are familiar with this style of play.

Where this game really shines is in two particular areas. First, there is the theme, which is both immersive and engaging, making this a machine that is truly fun to play. The combination of the animals in a jungle setting and the highly-detailed artwork makes this a joy to look at, and really pulls you into the action more than a generic slot would. Secondly, there are the little gameplay tweaks that add replay value: the fact that the bonus round takes play on expanded reels, for instance, or the butterfly boost, which adds a random element that can make any spin more exciting.

While this may not be a game for every player, we think animal lovers will find a lot to enjoy here. And even if the theme doesn’t speak to you, the combination of straightforward gameplay with just enough added complexity to keep things interesting should keep even slots veterans satisfied for many long sessions, making this one of the better new slots we’ve played in 2020.

Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild

Game info

  • Software: NetEnt
  • Game type: 3D slots , Classic slots , Progressive Slots , Video Slots Types
  • Paylines: 243
  • Reels: 5
  • Min coins per line: 1
  • Max coins per line: 5
  • Min coins size: 0.01
  • Max coins size: 1
  • RTP: 96.47%
  • Games Themes: Animals Slots , Travel Slots


  • Bonus rounds No
  • Wild symbol Yes
  • Progressive No
  • Scatter symbol Yes
  • Autoplay option Yes
  • Multiplier Yes
  • Free spins Yes

Choose Casino to Play Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild for Real Money

Have you ever been on an African safari and observed the fauna and flora in their natural habitat? If this fascinates you, then you will surely love this video slot. The brainchild of NetEnt the slot provides five reels and 243 pay lines. The lowest coin size is 0.01 while the highest is 1. Bets, ranging from 0.2 to 100, can be placed. The theme is, obviously, wildlife. There are no Gamble features or progressive jackpots. The RTP of the slot is 96.47%. Thus, the game offers a good blend of entertainment and real money.

Symbols Used to Play Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild for Real Money

A majority of the casinos online use playing cards as ordinary symbols. Even though they bring less amount of money, for a player “something is better than nothing”. The ones with a higher value are based on the theme of the casino game.

  • 10, J, Q, K, and A – Three, four, and five of any of these matching playing card icons fetch 10, 20, and 30 credits respectively.
  • Snake – If you come across three, four, and five snakes, you can win 20, 30, and 60 credits.
  • Crocodile – Three, four, and five crocodiles crawling on the reels will get you 25, 40, and 70 credits.
  • Bear – When you see three, four, and five such beasts, you receive 30, 50, and 80 credits.
  • Elephant – Three, four, and five numbers of this majestic animal give 40, 60, and 100 credits.
  • Tiger – If three, four, and five tigers roar on the reels, you get 50, 80, and 150 credits respectively.
  • You may naturally assume that with so many ferocious animals roaming around in the slot named Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild, there ought to be a wild symbol. Surprisingly, however, there isn`t any.
  • But this won`t have any adverse impact on your winnings. Many new things have been added which make up for the absence of the wild icon.
  • Water Lily – This beautiful pink flower is the scatter symbol which can lead to free

Some Unique Features

Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild casino slot online has some fresh and innovative concepts to attract the gamers. They are the Symbol Expansion and Butterfly Boost features.

  • Symbol Expansion feature – Although the butterfly is not the primary symbol, it can land on the other icons with the exception of the scatter. If that symbol attached to the butterfly has formed a prize-winning arrangement, then it will enlarge itself to completely take over the reel.
  • Butterfly Boost – This can start at random during the base game. Butterflies are not landing on the symbols but flying around. If one, two or three symbols help to form a favourable combination, that particular icon will enlarge and engulf the reel fully.

Free Spins Bonus

This round is unlocked if at least three flower scatters land on the reels. Three scatter icons will give you only free games. You can be rewarded with coin prizes of 15 or 50 times your stake from four or five water lilies, respectively.

Something wonderful happens now. The number of rows goes up from 3 to 4. Instead of 243 pay lines in the normal game, you are now presented with 1024 ways to win.

Before this round starts, you have to pick an animal. The number of free spins is different for different animals. The tiger gives you 4 games, whereas the elephant awards 8. You get 12 and 16 free spins from the bear and crocodile, respectively. The Cobra gives the most – 20 spins.

Here is a helpful tip to plan your strategy. Animals with fewer spins award more prizes but carry more risks. The payout, as well as risk, is less for animals with more spins.

It is a Jungle out There

The dense forest, greenery, and ferocious wild animals should give you enough thrills. The symbol expansion, butterfly boost, and free spins can give you good rewards.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot > Play for Free > Review & Real Money Bonus

You have plenty of video slots available online, but one that does get plenty of attention from players is the NetEnt Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot, come and read more about that slot.

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You will need to tread very carefully when playing the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot game, for there are all manner of wild animals waiting to pounce, and you will need to work your way past them all to get to the hidden treasure.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot Game Review

The base game of the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is designed as an All Pays All Ways type of slot on which each and every base game spin you send into live play and then play off will give you whopping 243 ways of forming a winning combination.

However, the true magic of this slot will kick in and become apparent when the free spins bonus game is awarded to you, for when it is the playing structure becomes a 1024 ways to win one and as such you have even more ways of forming loads of winning combinations!

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot RTP

The Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot has a payout percentage of 96.47%.

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